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2006-12-01 09:25 作者: 出处: 天极游戏 责任编辑:>小城月光


·《One Piece》专区


Almond Tofu - Lei-Fang(love)
Banana - Hitomi(love)(!She didnt like it the second time I gave it to her, someone else test?) Black RC Car - Christie(love)
Blanc Manger - Helena(love)
Blue RC Plane - Tina(love)
Blue Wind Chime - Kasumi(love)
Computer Notebook - Christie(love)
Chinese Tea Set - Lei-Fang(love)
Cabbage - Lei-Fang(love), (Hitomi's a possibility) Crystal Ornament - (Ayane?)
Cherry Pie - Lisa(love)
Crab - Tina(?)
Cloth Bag - (maybe Ayane might like it?) Cream Soda - Ayane(like), Tina(like), Hitomi(?) Coconut Milk -
Chocolate - Hitomi(love), Tina(love)
Cheesecake - (Lei-Fang loves cakes, but she doesnt like this one..) Ceremony Tea Set - Kokoro(?)
Darts - Chrisite(love)
Dumbbell - (Tina hates it, maybe its one of those items that noone likes?) Donuts - Tina(like), Lisa(like)
Encyclopedia - Lisa(love)
Epic Novel: Bridge to the Stars - Helena(like), (maybe Lisa might like it?) Epic Novel: Sea of Light - (maybe Lisa and Helena might like it?) Epic Novel: Infinite Space - (maybe Lisa and Helena might like it?) Epic Novel: The Little Blue Bird - (maybe Lisa and Helena might like it?) Electric Guitar - Christie(love), Tina(love) Fasionable Basket - Helena(?)
French Fries - Tina(love)
Four Leaf Clover - Kasumi(love)
Fried Chicken - Tina(love)
Grapes - Ayane(like)
Gold Trumpet - Lei-Fang(love)
Harp - Helena(love)
Hand Basket - Hitomi(love)
Harmonica - (Christie might like it, seeing as what she says when she looks at one) Iced Coffee - Christie(love)
Iced Tea - Helena(love)
Iced Cafe Au Lait - Christie(like), (!She hated the second time, I might have mixed her up for Helena ..) Japanese Desert - Kasumi(like), Ayane (like), (maybe Kokoro as well?) Japanese Drum - Kokoro(love)
Japanese Parasol - Kokoro(love)
Kasumi Coin - Kasumi(love)
Kasumi-chan Blue Xbox - Tina(love)
Leather Bag - (maybe Ayane might like it? In spite of herself Christie thinks its a cute bag.. test this.) Lyrical Poetry Anthropology - Kokoro(love) Lantern -
Lemonade - Lei-Fang(like), Ayane(like)
Lace Parasol - Helena()
Legendary Scarab - Ayane(like)
Melon -
Marrons Glace - Ayane(love)
Microphone - Tina(love)
Newspaper - Helena(like)
Orange Watering Can - Kokoro(love)
Opera Glasses - Helena(?)
Old Watch - Helena(love)
Ocarina - Ayane(like), Helena(?)
Orange Juice - Tina(like), Ayane(like), Lei-Fang(?) Pineapple - Lisa(like)
Purple Pinwheel - Ayane(like)
Pink Pinwheel - Kasumi(like)
Peacock Fan - Lei-Fang(love)

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